Protocol for Coordinating Grant Requests

The De Groot Family Foundation has a reaching out approach to its areas of interest using the following protocol for foundation project coordinators:

  1. Seek potential grant prospects and notify them of our interest. The project coordinator will inquire about needs of a specific program/project and will then determine an appropriate amount to meet the needs of the potential grant
  2. Recommend the grant prospect to complete a grant request application using the DeGroot Family Foundation Grant Application Form or the Michigan Common Grant Application Form. The grant application form may be modified based on the grant type at the discretion of the project coordinator and approval from board president
  3. Approve or deny the grant request at the board review dates. The board will notify the requester of the decision to accept or deny the grant request
  4. Coordinate with site of grant approval and determine dates for disbursement of grant
  5. Disburse grant

Grant Proposal Deadlines

Grant reviews will occur three times per calendar year by the board of directors. The following dates are the grant proposal deadlines:

  • March 1st for April review
  • June 1st for July review
  • September 1st for October review

Grant Disbursement dates are determined on a case by case basis. Board will review on the above-mentioned dates.

Size of grant award will be determined on a case by case basis depending on the request/project type or availability of funding.

Previous grant awards will be re-examined on a yearly basis and are not guaranteed long term. The foundation will allow up to a three-year contract with grant requester depending on the project.

We are currently only accepting grant application requests from the following counties in Michigan until further notice: Allegan, Berrien, Cass, Van Buren, and Kalamazoo; unless already pre-approved by the foundation.



Updated: March 7, 2022